Curious Case May 2024, Aussie, Aussie, Aussie


Six Wines, One Continent, Endless Aussie Sunshine.

Australia's a bloody big place, and its wine scene is just as expansive. While those fancy Europeans fuss over tiny patches of land, Aussie winemakers think on a grand scale. They've got vineyards the size of small countries, and they aren't afraid to make big, boisterous wines to match. This isn't about subtlety – it's about sunshine in a bottle, pure and simple.

A taste of Down Under
This 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie' case is your front-row ticket to the action. Expect a Barossa Shiraz, a proper Aussie icon packed with dark fruit and spice. A McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon offers serious structure and blackcurrant intensity. And a red blend shows off the art of mixing and matching flavours. For the white fans, there's a creamy, oak-kissed Chardonnay, a zesty Clare Valley Riesling with its classic lime twist, and a crisp Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc bursting with grassy, vibrant energy.

A value-packed adventure
If you want to see what Aussie wine's all about, this case is a brilliant place to start. You get a taste of their best-known grapes and regions, with enough personality to keep you entertained for weeks. And for the price? It's a steal, mate. Think of it as your passport to a land of sunshine and seriously good wine.

£90.00 per case
Free delivery, or collect from the shop.

What's in it?
The Curious Case, it's a mystery until the end of the month. But a few hints, a few whispers... perhaps a touch of dark fruit, a glint of golden sunshine. The sort of flavours that make you want to linger, or share on a warm night. Curious yet?

#1 A rich Western Australian blend with Shiraz and Grenache warmth.

#2 Classic Barossa Shiraz, brimming with dark berry richness.

#3 McLaren Vale Cabernet with cassis depth and a touch of warmth.

#4 Creamy South Australian Chardonnay, kissed with a hint of oak.

#5 Clare Valley Riesling with zesty lime and mineral freshness.

#6 Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc full of vibrant gooseberry and citrus.

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