Staff Must Try Wines - May 2024


Staff Picks: Unveiling Our May Wine Favourites

Every month, our passionate staff dive deep into our selection to pick their favourite wines. These aren't just any wines - they're the ones that truly capture our hearts (and taste buds). This May, we have a fantastic selection that caters to a variety of palates, so get ready to discover your new go-to bottle.

Finding the Perfect Balance: Debbie's Choice

First up is Debbie, our resident wine explorer. As a seasoned pro, Debbie is always on the hunt for unique wines that offer something special. This month, she's chosen the Chateau Burgozone Cote du Danube Sauvignon Blanc 2022 from Bulgaria. What makes this pick so special? For Debbie, it's the perfect balance between familiar and exciting. It boasts the classic Sauvignon Blanc characteristics of grassy and herbaceous notes, but with a surprising roundness not often found in Loire wines. This delightful bottle showcases the exciting future of Bulgarian winemaking, and Debbie loves its understated elegance - a perfect way to unwind after a busy day of recommending fabulous wines.

Chateau Burgozone Cote du Danube Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Single Price: £14.50
Mixed 6 Price: £13.50

A Bold Choice for Steak Lovers: Jonny's Pick

Sometimes, only a big, bold red will do, especially when paired with a juicy steak. Jonny, a red wine enthusiast, knows exactly what you need. He's chosen the Brunilde di Menzione Brindisi 2019, a southern Italian wine made with Negroamaro grapes. This grape might be new to some, but it adds a touch of thrill to the experience. Don't let the name fool you - despite its name, this wine offers a delightful smoothness layered with dark berries and a touch of warmth. Come barbecue season, this is Jonny's go-tp bottle, and it's sure to become your new favourite grilling companion.

Brunilde di Menzione Brindisi 2019

Single Price: £15.50
Mixed 6 Price: £14.50

Chardonnay Comfort: Grace's Selection

There are days that simply call for a glass of Chardonnay, and Grace, our resident Chardonnay connoisseur, understands that perfectly. Her pick for May is the Corryton Burge Chardonnay 2022 from the Barossa Valley. This wine delivers that sunshine-in-a-glass feel with its notes of peaches and tropical fruits, a style the Barossa Valley executes flawlessly. But what truly sets this Chardonnay apart for Grace is the touch of creaminess that adds a beautiful roundness and an overall satisfying experience. Plus, it's easy on the wallet, making it a perfect choice for those nights when you crave Chardonnay comfort.

Corryton Burge Chardonnay 2022

Single Price: £14.50
Mixed 6 Price: £13.50

A Taste of Spring: Phil's Pick

The first warm days of spring bring a certain delight, and Phil's chosen wine perfectly captures that feeling. He's chosen the Monte del Fra Bardolino 2022, a bright and lively red brimming with juicy red fruit flavours. Phil describes it as a close cousin to Valpolicella, crafted with similar grapes new Lake Garda but with an emphasis on easy-drinking freshness. This isn't a wine for deep contemplation; it's for pure enjoyment. Image yourself on the patio, a slightly chilled glass of Monte del Fra Bardolino in hand - pure relaxation in a bottle.

Monte del Fra Bardolino 2022

Single Price: £17.50
Mixed 6 Price: £15.50

So, there you have it - our fantastic May staff picks! With a selection this diverse, there's a perfect bottle waiting to be discovered by every wine lover. Be sure to follow us on social media for more staff recommendations throughout the year, and don't hesitate to ask our friendly staff for personalised suggestions next time you visit!

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