Wines of Georgia Wine Tasting


When: Wednesday 8th June 2022 @ 7.15pm

Where: Noble Green Wines, Hampton Hill

Who: James Board, Les Caves de Pyrene

What's it all about: For the first two weeks of June we are running a Georgian initiative to bring attention to the lesser-known wines of Georgia.

Throughout the evening, James will be offering greater insight into this selection of Georgian wines. Along with tasting quality wines, you will also have the opportunity to ask James questions throughout the night and be in for the chance to 'WIN' a free bottle of wine*.

As with all our tastings, this is a talk, not a lecture: questions are encouraged, and there are no silly questions.

The history of the world’s greatest drink just keeps getting longer with evidence now showing winemaking happening in Georgia 8000 years ago. Known as the ‘Cradle of Wine’ Georgia can lay claim to be the ancestorial home of the UK’s most popular alcoholic drink and, along with neighbouring Armenia, Azerbaijan and eastern Turkey and nearby northern Iran, have helped develop this grape nectar alongside civilisation itself. This bares true a mere few thousand years later with wine being an integral part of the western classic civilisations of ancient Greece and Rome.

Today these truly authentic methods are still in use, though now there might be a selection of bunches pre-fermentation, maybe only partially whole bunch, sometimes fermented in one qvevri and then transferred to another, or perhaps just matured rather than fermented in them or vice versa.

It is brilliant that a country with such a long and proud wine producing heritage such as Georgia which is deeply woven into the nation and the beginnings of civilisation itself, one that is blessed with a large number of indigenous varieties continues to produce the vast majority of its wine using these, rather than succumb to the well-known international ones.

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