Curious Case June 2024, A Portrait of Pinot Noir


Six Wines That Paint a Picture of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir has a reputation as a fickle grape. While it’s the source of some of the world's most revered reds, its thin skin and sensitivity to terroir make it a chameleon. The nuances of the land and the hand of the winemaker are key to a grape from which it’s not always the easy to coax the best. Nevertheless, in the right hands, the ethereal elegance of Burgundy to the bold fruitiness of California can shine through in sublime fashion. Pinot Noir paints a diverse portrait of flavour profiles which is a real testament to its adaptability.

Different Expressions of a Noble Grape
In our Curious Case we journey from classic Burgundian finesse, where red fruits and earth intertwine to the crisp, apple-tinged rendition of the Pfalz. New Zealand's offering boasts a light, but fruit-filled spectrum, while Chile's reveals a vibrant cherry core tempered by oak. Californian sunshine imbues another with luscious raspberry, while from England we showcase another aspect of Pinot's versatility in a delicate, blush-hued rosé.

A good Introduction and a Journey of Discovery
For those new to Pinot Noir, this selection is an ideal initiation. It shows off the grape's multifaceted nature, offering a spectrum of styles while remaining good value. Embark on this oenological adventure and discover the captivating symphony that is Pinot Noir - a grape that whispers, sings, and occasionally shouts its unique terroir.
Here’s to a grape that never ceases to surprise.

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What's in it?
The Curious Case remains a mystery until the month's end, but here's a few tantalizing hints. There are tastes to be savoured and enjoyed and shared on a sunny afternoon. Intrigued?

#1 From Burgundy's blushing heart comes a whisper of spice.

#2 Spicy red cherries red from the Rhineland.

#3 A silky yet vibrant Kiwi making the most of sun-warmed fruit.

#4 Chilean warmth, earthy notes and an elegant finish.

#5 Juicy ripeness and a touch of oak from Californian sunshine.

#6 A Kentish pink full of grapefruit zing and picnic perfect.

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