Curious Case - May 2022 - Languish in Alfresco Dining


The Curious Case is a ‘mystery’ case that changes every month whereby you find out what is in it when you receive it. Could be red, white, rosé, orange, sparkling from a classic region or a boutique producer in some remote far-flung region using indigenous rare varieties.

Finally it’s getting to the time of year where the sun is staying out later and the temperature isn’t bitterly cold. To us that means that season has come to enjoy dining, alfresco style, whether that be a BBQ in your back yard a picnic in the park or a rooftop soiree. The term Al Fresco comes from Italy and loosely means “in the cool air” but we use it to mean dining outdoors. With this in mind we have picked the wines in this months Curious Case in order to match with some go to alfresco dishes.


Where will you be enjoying your alfresco case?

Our first wine is ideal all by itself or matched with grilled fish as well as prawns and langoustines. Next we have a wine which is really refreshing and therefore a perfect match for lunch in the hot sun. Try it with fish, rice and pasta dishes or cold cuts. Our next wine is a bit of an allrounder, it matches great with a charcuterie board and equally with the British classic fish and chips. Which one will you choose? For wine number four we have a flavour packed glugger which pairs well with pasta, lamb or poultry dishes. A perfect BBQ wine if we do say so… Interestingly different and very rewarding is how we would describe our next wine. Again, it’s perfect to drink by itself, because lets be honest we don’t always need to match our wine to our food, or paired with feathered game and poultry. Throwing you a little bit of a curve ball to finish off pour selection, serve this wine chilled paired with Bolognese sauces (not so alfresco), parma ham or sweet things like chocolate and raspberry dishes.

I don’t know about you but this month’s selection has got my mind racing with alfresco recipe ideas. What dishes will you be pairing with this months selection?

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Languish in Alfresco Dining Curious Case