Journey's End Virtual Wine Tasting


It's time to jump on the bandwaggon and host our first virtual wine tasting. We are starting with a bang, with Mike Dawson, Journey's End Vineyards Winemaker, our new partners, joining us.

The session will take place on Wednesday 14th October 2020 at 7:30 pm via Zoom.

The way to sign up to this tasting is slightly different from how we usually do it. To purchase your ticket to this tasting, all you need to do is purchase our tasting case, which you will find below. This case includes the 3 wines that we will be tasting throughout the session. Once you have purchased this case, we will send you an email, to the email address associated with the tasting, with instructions on how to register for the tasting.

Please note that we will be regulating who registers for the event, to make sure that it is only the person who has purchased the case that is registering.

The tasting will last 45 minutes, with opportunities to ask the winemaker and the host questions throughout. Prior to the event, we will also send you a link which will take you through to the tasting notes form. This is for you to fill out if you wish, however, we would ask if possible for you to please submit it to us so that we can see what you made of the wines.

Please note that we will not send the tasting case to you until a few days prior to the event so that you aren't tempted to open a bottle before.

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