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Just Chillin' - Top 10 Chilled Reds


With the warmer weather fast approaching it usually means its time to pop open the rosé and Prosecco, but what if you want a glass of red? Not a great big, heavy, deep and dark tannic monster but a light, thirst-quenching and refreshing tipple. In many hot countries (thinking South Africa, the Mediterranean coast in summer) having your bottle of red sit in an ice bucket by your table at lunch is definitely the way to go. By bringing it down from the ambient temperature of the high twenties to the mid-low teens you’re able to taste the flavours more, feel the fresh acidity more, and enjoy it more!

With our choices here we’ve focused on wines that are light-medium bodied, which don’t have really strong tannins, and which can really come alive chilled down a bit. As ever with our selections there are a few weird and wonderful bits too!

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Just chillin' - top 10 chilled reds