English Wine Week 2020


'English Wine Week is a celebration organised by WineGB. The Week presents an ideal opportunity to get to know English wines better, as vineyards and retailers highlight the many fantastic wines that are readily available for you to enjoy.' - WineGB.

English Wine Week occurs typically in May; however, due to the current circumstances, it was moved back. No bother, we will celebrate it just the same by giving you a look into the English Wines that we have in stock.

Once a small industry, English Wine has made a name for itself over the years. With there now being no fewer than 577 vineyards across the UK, according to Wines of Great Britain. To break that down, even more, that's four in Scotland, nineteen in the North, twenty-three in Wales, one hundred and thirty-six in the South-West and one hundred and fifty-two in the South-East.

Whether you like, red, white, rosé or Sparkling, English vineyards have them all. Please take a look at our selection of English Wines below.

The English Wines that we carry come from Vineyards such as, Gusbourne, Hattingley Valley, Albury Estate, Bluebell Vineyard, Bolney Estate, Nytimber, Flint Vineyard and Lyme Bay.