A Toast to Rosé: Exploring Diversity in a Glass


A Toast to Rosé: Exploring Diversity in a Glass

For rosé enthusiasts, the sun's golden rays signal not just the arrival of summer, but also National Rosé Day on June 8th. This year, we're celebrating by raising a glass to two exceptional examples that showcase the incredible versatility of this beloved pink drink. Forget the notion of rosé being a one-note wonder - our exciting Duo Pack proves there's a whole world of flavour to discover within this vibrant category.

Southern Sunshine in a Sip

Our first journey takes us to the sun-drenched Languedoc region in Southern France. Here, Piquepoul Noir, a grape with a name that rolls less readily off the tongue than most, takes centre stage. This unique grape variety crafts a bright and refreshingly dry rosé. Imagine a punnet of tart summer berries, bursting with flavour, alongside a juicy peach or two. A whisper of rose petals and dried herbs adds a touch of complexity, making this a truly captivating sip. It's a delightfully quirky number that proves there's life beyond the usual suspects in the world of rosé - perfect for those who enjoy venturing off the beaten path.

This wine offers a vibrant expression of the south of France, bursting with sunshine and freshness

A Delicate Whisper from Italy

Across the border, nestled amongst the gentle hills east of Italy's stunning Lake Garda, lies the Custoza region. Here, a family affair spanning generations has resulted in a truly captivating rosé. The Bonomos, at the helm of Monte del Fra, craft a delicate blush wine that offers a unique twist on the classic rosé profile. Think of this as a whisper of summer - strawberries and cream with a subtle hint of savoury herbs. The cooler climate and limestone-rich soils of Custoza contribute to a wine with a touch more weight and structure than its southern counterpart while retaining an undeniable elegance.

This Italian rosé offers a subtle and sophisticated expression, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of finesse.

A World of Rosé Awaits

By bringing these two contrasting yet complementary rosés together in our Duo Pack, we're offering a fascinating glimpse into the incredible diversity of this captivating drink. From the vibrant sunshine of the Languedoc to the delicate whispers of Lake Garda, each sip reveals the unique influence of grape variety, climate, and winemaking style. So, this National Rosé Day, uncork a bottle, savour the delightful complexities within, and embark on your own adventure through the ever-evolving world of Rosé.

Radiant Rosé Duo Pack