Charming Chardonnay - A Grape of Many Faces


Chardonnay - A Grape of Many Faces

It's fair to say that Chardonnay reigns supreme as the world's most widely planted white grape. Why? Because the best examples offer incredible versatility, morphing into everything from lean and elegant to rich and sumptuous depending on where it's grown and how it's handled in the winery.

From Burgundy to… Everywhere.

Chardonnay is the grape behind the world-renowned whites of Burgundy, those magical wines from Meursault, Puligny-Montrachet, and, of course, steely Chablis. But turn your gaze outwards, and you'll find it thriving everywhere from California to Chile, Australia to South Africa.

Oak Lover and Fresh Faced Beauty

While Chardonnay has a natural affinity for oak, leading to those opulent, creamy, often buttery styles we know and love it doesn’t need barrel ageing and the focus of many of the best Chardonnays on the fruit itself. These wines home in on the crisp orchard fruits, zesty citrus, and the distinctive flinty minerality that show another of this versatile variety.

Two to Try for International Chardonnay Day

To celebrate this multi-faceted grape, we've put together a delightful duo for International Chardonnay Day. First up is a Burgundy beauty. Clean, bright, and packed with fruit, this Mâconnais gem offers a snapshot of that classic, cool-climate Chardonnay character. Next, we journey to sunny Western Australia for a wine boasting ripe stone fruit flavours and a touch of creamy oak. This exemplifies a warmer-climate Chardonnay with a bit more power and richness.

Contrasting Charms & the Duo Pack

Taste them side by side, and you’ll get a snapshot of just a couple of Chardonnay's different styles. Climate, soil, and winemaking all play a role in shaping the flavour profile of each of them. Our duo pack is a fantastic way to explore the incredible range of this superstar grape and might help you discover your own favourite Chardonnay expressions.

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