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Curious Case July 2024, An Andes Adventure

South American Style from either side of the Andes

Chile and Argentina, whose vineyards are watered by the snows of the Andes, are the two powerhouses of South American wine production. This month’s Curious Case contains three wines from each country that encapsulate the diverse styles emerging from this dramatic region. From the high-altitude vineyards of Argentina to the coastal valleys of Chile, each bottle tells a story of its terroir and winemaking heritage.

Malbec tops the bill from elevated vineyards
Argentina, with its high elevation vineyards and continental climate, is perfect for bringing out the best in Malbec. Naturally, we’ve included a juicy and ripe example that truly showcases this varietal at its peak. To develop the theme, there’s also a delicious Malbec rosé, illustrating how this grape is versatile and not confined to just red wine. Completing the trio is a Cabernet Franc, offering a stylistic contrast that highlights another facet of Argentina’s winemaking prowess.

Class and style from the Pacific side
On the western side of the Andes in Chile, the climate is more maritime, making it ideal for varieties that thrive in regions like Bordeaux and California. Among our selection is a rich Cabernet Sauvignon, echoing its French heritage with deep, structured flavours. There’s also a Chardonnay, exuding Burgundian elegance with its refined and balanced profile. Finally, an aromatic Viognier from near the Atacama Desert in the north showcases Chile’s ability to produce exceptional white wines in diverse conditions.

Our trip along the Andes shows a quite a range of styles.


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