Magnificent Malbec – A tale of terroirs


Malbec's meteoric rise to stardom is one of the most compelling wine stories of recent decades.

To truly understand how this once-niche French grape became a global superstar, you’ve got to look at both its origins and its newfound fame in South America. To do this we’ve picked out two excellent examples which show how their contrasting styles offer a fascinating glimpse into both chapters of the story.

As it’s World Malbec Day on 17th April that’s a good reason to take a closer look.

Argentina's Revolution
Argentina's Malbecs embody a New World spirit - bold, approachable, and exuberantly fruit-forward. They mostly hail from the lofty vineyards of Mendoza, where warm days and cool nights coax exceptional ripeness and balanced acidity from the grapes. Our Nieto Senetiner Malbec 2022 is a hallmark of this style, offering plump dark fruit, spice, and a velvety texture. And, as part of our 'Duo Pack', it presents a good opportunity to compare such an Argentinian favourite with its French ancestor, demonstrating firsthand how Malbec conquered the wine world.

French Origins
Before travelling south Malbec has had a long history in southwest France, particularly in the Cahors region. Here, the wines retain a distinctly Old-World personality, marked by earthy notes, savoury complexity, and a firm tannic structure. Cedre Heritage, Cahors 2020 is a delicious example of this tradition, showing the variety’s rustic charm alongside a hint of minerality derived from the region's unique soils.

A Journey Through Terroir
Taken together these wines reveal the profound influence of terroir on a single grape variety. It's a lesson in contrasting flavours, textures, and winemaking philosophies. Malbec's adaptability is a testament to its unique character, making this pairing a quite educational experience, and at a pretty good price point to boot.

The Essence of Exploration
For Malbec enthusiasts and those new to the variety our 'Duo Pack' is a great way to get a better appreciation of this remarkable grape; a chance to taste history and innovation, side-by-side.

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