Ravishing Riesling – it’s time to give it a try.


If there’s ever an under-appreciated grape variety that deserves its place back at the top tier of white wines Riesling must be it.

A long time languishing in the shadow of trendier grapes such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc it really deserves a better press. Its versatility and vibrancy give it the ability to make wonderfully fresh and bright quaffing wines, while its natural crispness and minerality is great at cutting through rich, fatty dishes making it one of the best wines there is to pair with food. And, of course, out of all white wines premium Rieslings have an extraordinary ability to age gracefully.

It's International Riesling Day on 13th March and we’re using this as a perfect excuse to praise its virtues by featuring a couple of our favourites which show some of the different ways Riesling makes such terrific wines.

AJ Adam Im Pfarrgarten Riesling 2022
The Mosel Valley in Germany is Riesling’s home turf and here, since 2000, Andreas Adam has run his small estate among the area’s steeply sloped vineyards. With an easygoing ABV of just 10.5%, this is a lovely easy-drinking wine with a wonderfully fresh acidity and ripe stone fruit flavours. Try pairing this with ramen; it’s a match made in heaven. Price - £20.90, or just £18.90 as part of a mixed 6.

The Courtesan Clare Valley Riesling 2021
If there’s one place in the New World where Riesling has made itself at home it’s the Clare Valley in South Australia. And this super, lemon and lime fresh, example shows just how good it can be. Mouth-watering and mouth-filling the bright, crisp, citrus fruit character will keep you coming back for more. Price - £17.50, or just £15.50 as part of a mixed 6.

International Riesling Day Duo Pack
Why not try both of them? We’ve put them together in a duo pack at the very enticing price of just £29.90 - that’s a saving of £4.50 if you bought them separately. That’s got to be a good incentive to see what good Riesling is all about.

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