Producer Spotlight - M Chapoutier


Rhône stalwarts and biodynamic pioneers, crafting wines with the warmth of the south and an undeniable sense of place.

Bringing bold spirit to Rhône tradition.
Chapoutier isn't just a name in the Rhône, it's part of the landscape. The family traces its winemaking roots all the way back to 1808, yet it was the audacity of Michel Chapoutier that sent the estate soaring. Biodynamic pioneer, terroir obsessive – he saw the region's potential not just for powerful wines, but wines of personality that could tell the tale of their sun-baked soil.
Expect wines with character – vibrant fruit, those telltale garrigue herbs, and a backbone of earthiness. Their Hermitage is legendary, built to age yet somehow still irresistible in its youth. Even their simpler bottlings carry that Chapoutier stamp: wines as warm and charismatic as the south of France itself.

Michel Chapoutier: A rule-breaker with a heart of soil.
If the Rhône were a classroom, Michel Chapoutier would be that student who questions everything, the one with inky fingers and brilliant ideas no one saw coming. He arrived at the family estate, eyes blazing, and turned the place on its head - biodynamic farming, obsessive focus on individual vineyards, even putting braille on the labels.
The wines? Imagine sunshine bottled, but with brains. Robust yet elegant, packed with sun-drenched fruit and that classic Rhône savouriness. His influence spread like wildfire because it worked. Suddenly, you saw these old vineyards in a whole new light, tasted the garrigue in the glass. Chapoutier proved that the Rhône could be both powerful and expressive, a reminder that even the most traditional regions can have revolutionary heroes.

Beyond the classics, a world of character awaits.
Sure, their Hermitage is iconic, but Chapoutier's range is a treasure trove. Think 'La Ciboise' Blanc - a peachy, honeyed Viognier full of sunny charm. Or the fizz of 'La Combe Pilate Esteban', wonderfully toasty and vibrant. Going south, Châteauneuf-du-Pape 'La Bernardine' delivers power with surprising freshness. The Condrieus are special, in particular 'Invitare' which is all honeysuckle and spice. And Hermitage 'Monier de la Sizeranne', well, that's a legend in a glass – muscular yet elegant, a wine that speaks of history.

It's this depth of range, this ability to capture both the sunshine and the soul of the Rhône, that makes Chapoutier so significant. They champion tradition, but they aren't afraid to show its playful side too.

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